About Us

At Cooper Brothers, our goal is to make cross border shipping Easy, Affordable, Reliable and Timely for our customers. In turn, we hope that this will open new markets, create new sales, and help propel our customers to become market leaders in their industries. We are the leaders in creative solutions for Canadian Shipments. Let us show you how.

We are changing the way international shipments happen, to and from Canada.
Cooper Brothers Trucking opened in June 2009 with a small facility in Akron, Ohio. The focus of the company was, and still is, moving freight to Canada from the United States. Since June 2009, we have moved into a facility that is five times larger to compensate for our rapidly growing customer base. We also opened our Canadian hub in Stoney Creek, Ontario, as well as satellite terminals in Calgary, Alberta, and Montreal, Quebec.

We handle freight that travels back and forth between the United States and Canada, as well as inter-Canada shipments. This is a lane that most companies either do not want to handle, or will over charge for because of all the hassles involving the border. Instead of charging extra for the border, we have established our company around servicing the border. All freight is precleared before it is loaded onto a trailer for transport to Canada or the United States. We use our expertise to reduce wait time, and reduce the cost of cross border shipping to our customer.

We are stepping forward as a leader in the industry, and opening new markets to companies on both sides of the border. Cost reduction, along with the best service times to Canada in the industry is how Cooper Brothers Trucking began, and is how we plan on continuing our growth.

As well as providing you with the best service available we also feel responsible to give back and provide for those who are in need. Agape in Action (http://www.agapeinaction.com/) is the charity that we love to support. The help, honesty, and integrity this charity delivers fits right in with Cooper Brothers Trucking family.