Your Canadian Connection

LTL to Canada
Our main focus at Cooper Brothers Trucking is to provide a cost effective option for Canadian LTL. The reason that we are focusing on this market is because most rates that our customers receive elsewhere are not derived from percentages of truckload cost instead they are inflated. Our goal is to bring LTL pricing into line and allow companies to compete with their product to Canada, as well as Canada to the United States, and inter-Canada. If you are moving LTL to Canada, please let us take a look at your freight and see how we can save you money. For our LTL business we are able to pick up from most of the Midwest and consolidate it with other freight in Akron, Ohio, to travel up to our terminal in Ontario.

Consolidated LTL to Canada
Many of our clients in the United States do not have warehouses in Canada because of all the added cost. Therefore many times they will have full truckloads of LTL freight moving to Canada. With there being only one pickup location, we are able to put together very competitive rates on this LTL. We are also able to pick up from much further away. In fact, we can pick it up from almost anywhere in the United States. If you are moving large volumes of LTL and have the ability to consolidate the freight into truckloads, there will be large cost savings available for your company.

As you noticed on our home page our fuel surcharge is extremely aggressive compared to other common carriers. Our customers save 10% on their overall freight spend on their fuel alone.

NO CROSS BORDER FEES! Many large LTL companies have extra fees for moving freight into Canada because it is not a regular shipment for them. We, on the other hand, only move freight into Canada and therefore do not have extra services charges.

We have next day service into the Greater Toronto Area, whereas most of our major competitors can only offer at least two business day service. This means that we will be able to get your freight to your customers quicker, and more affordably!

We have experience with all major retailers of Canada, and we have systems in place to minimize or eliminate fines and late penalties.

Cooper Brothers Trucking is ACI compliant. Allowing our customers to have their product flow seamlessly through the Canadian border.